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Austin Flag & Flagpole

Flagpole Toppers

Flagpole Toppers

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Ornate Flagpole Toppers Various Sizes and Styles

Flagpole Ball, Topper - Finial, the perfect addition to your flag - flagpole, For the Veteran looking for that "extra step", That "little more" Ohh Rah!

Standard USA 1/2 thread

Hand Crafted Eagle Realistic Lifelike Flagpole Topper / Finial.  This Eagle on Display Flagpole Topper is over 10 inches tall!

This Eagle on Approach Flagpole Topper is handcrafted, made from High Resistance SOLID Resin, Electroplated GOLD! This is flagpole topper is almost 10 inches tall and over 9 inches wide.

Hand Crafted  Eagle on Display Realistic Lifelike Flagpole Topper / Finial.  This  Eagle on Display Flagpole Topper is over 10in tall ( with shaft ) and 5 inches wide.

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Made in the USA

All of our flags are made in the United States.