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Austin Flag & Flagpole

Sentry II Series - IRC

Sentry II Series - IRC

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The Sentry II Series from Concord American Flagpole is the perfect choice when your project calls for a commercial grade flagpole utilizing an Internal Rope Halyard and Cam Cleat system. Offered in heights of 20' to 40', the reinforced welded door frame delivers exceptional strength, combining security with the superior aesthetics achieved from the lockable flush mount door.

Standard Specifications

• Patented, Heavy-Duty Gold Anodized Aluminum Ball • Cast Aluminum Revolving Truck with SEALED Stainless Steel Bearing Assemblies, Aluminum Spindle, Cast Brass Exit Bushing and Removable Hood • Complete Internal Halyard Assembly - Rope Halyard – 5/16" #10 Polyester - Two (2) Stainless Steel Swivel Flagsnaps - Two (2) Neoprene Flagsnap Covers • Cam Cleat • Reinforced Welded Door Frame • Flush Mount Access Door with Lock and Keys • Spun Aluminum FC-11 Flash Collar • Galvanized 16-Gauge Corrugated Steel Ground Sleeve with Steel Grounding Spike

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Made in the USA

All of our flags are made in the United States.