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Smooth Fly

Smooth Fly

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Smooth Fly is the ideal solution for your flag display needs
on Outrigger Poles. Made of stainless steel, it offers a
hassle-free way to show your flag with 100% non-tangle
or wrapping on Outrigger Flagpoles. The best part of this
product is that there is no hassle of working with a halyard.
Designed For The Outrigger Flagpole
Tailored specifically for the 45-degree angle of outrigger
flagpoles, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless function
No More Tangles
Its unique mechanism effectively prevents entanglement,
ensuring your flag waves smoothly and proudly.
Durable and Robust
Built with precision, it promises longevity even with
non-stop use.
Experience The Difference With Smooth Fly
Gone are the days when the sight of a tangled flag would
mar your building’s façade. No more frequent checks,
no more tedious untangling routines. Enter the era of
Smooth Fly. With this innovation, your flag is guaranteed
the freedom to wave with pride and elegance,
untethered and unencumbered. For those discerning
individuals who value precision and perfection, and who
believe that every detail speaks volumes, Smooth Fly is
not just an accessory. It’s the upgrade you’ve patiently
yearned for, a testament to craftsmanship and ingenuity.
Lifetime guarantee.
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Made in the USA

All of our flags are made in the United States.